How do the appointments work?

When it is time for your scheduled appointment, you will receive a notification. Go to messages within the app and you can instantly start chatting with the doctor you booked.

How do you screen your doctors?

Each of our specialists are licensed to practice within their region. To become part of Doctor Pocket, each medical professional must go through a strict application process and meet specific guidelines.

What makes Doctor Pocket different?

Doctor Pocket is the only telemedicine application that provides the user an elite network of specialists that they have the liberty to choose from and not just any online doctor.

How much does it cost?

Each of our physicians has a different rate for their virtual consultation, the doctor ends the consultation when the patient is entirely satisfied.

What happens if I miss my appointment?

We really respect our doctors and therefore under extenuating circumstances we may partially refund a missed appointment. If the doctor still accepts to join the chat after the appointment window has elapsed, then you may chat.

What happens if the virtual consultation is not long enough?

That never happens! We want you to feel at ease talking to a doctor so the chat will be closed by the doctor after you are completely satisfied with the answers you received.