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Sick and tired of waiting to talk to a doctor? Imagine having a rich network of specialists on your phone. Doctor Pocket™ is an application that enables you to communicate with specialists from the comfort of your own home and on-the-go. Do you have a burning question you must ask? The interactive messenger platform allows you to book and chat with a specialist in real-time. You receive trustworthy information directly from specialists. Imagine a future where access to a physician is quick and you can avoid exposure to infections from the clinic and hospital. Let's step into the future.

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Our easy-to-use messenger platform connects you with a specialist in real-time. Talk to a dooctor now

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A Simple Application for Any User!

Your profile menu is simple, you personalize your account by typing basic information you want available to your doctor. Booking the appointment is also a breeze, you select a doctor by specialty and our system allows you to pick a date and time to meet over messenger. During your session with the specialist, you have the ability to attach high resolution images directly from your phone with a simple click, it couldn't be more user-friendly!

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  • Create a personal account

    You can simply sign into Doctor Pocket through Facebook or by creating a personal Doctor Pocket user account....

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    The simple but effective design of the home screen is to guide the user from A-Z....

  • About Us

    The About Us gateway contains the guidelines of what we can help you with....

  • How it Works

    The simple 3 steps of booking an appointment with a doctor, with some preparation tips for your appointment....

  • Customer Service

    If you are having any troubles whatsoever you can reach our customer service at the "?" icon...

  • The Gold

    Our network of doctors can be found under "Search Doctor". Here, you can search for a doctor based on availability, specialty or by name....

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How it Works?

We Kept Things Patient-friendly

Sign-up by email or login using your Facebook. Select a specialist that fits your criteria. Include a brief message for the specialist to accept your case. Once your case is accepted, you will be asked to pay prior to your session via PayPal. At the time of the booking proceed to the app. Have your questions ready to make the most of your session!

We have all experienced the struggle of booking appointments in our medical system. It may take days or even weeks before we are seen. It is time we get connected with specialists quickly. Talk to a doctor immediately with our app
Stop reading about someone else's medical problems, seriously. It is time you receive trustworthy information directly from a specialist for yourself!

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